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The Online Poker Rooms of Kings Clubs Poker are designed in compliance with responsible gambling standards. We have ensured that every player playing in our poker room are going to have a gainful and rocking playing experience. In a way to achieve this, we have made the choicest selection of gaming features having researched player interests in accordance with poker room facilities.

Quick Start option

If you are a kind of player who wants a Get…Set…. Go… kind of play where you want to start right away the sooner you log in, the Quick Start option should be your choice. This feature permits you to define a set of your online favorites and you will be able to log in and play immediately when you log in.

Multiple Windows Feature

In the Online Poker Rooms of Kings Clubs Poker you have the option of being able to open multiple windows. Multiple windows permits you to play in a poker room or online poker tourney while at the same time you will be able to keep track of the happenings in the other poker rooms.
Player Tag The “Player Tag” option in Kings Clubs Poker is made in a way that you can mark particular players in the poker room as tight, passive, champion, bluffer, shark fish etcetera or you can even write your own notes about them.

Rabbit Hunt Feature

If you are curious to know what would have happened if you have continued to play the game, then you can request for the next card in the Rabbit Hunt Feature Vector Graphics Feature The graphics adaptor provided by the Vector Graphics feature makes things very comfortable for you; especially you will be presented with the option of being able to maximize, minimize and resize your poker room per your wish.

This feature also permits you to insert avatars, change the background themes, colors and various features of the poker room skin per your desire.

In short the Vector Graphics Feature makes the poker room attractive and user friendly.

One Card Exposing Feature If you are the kind of poker player who bluffs a lot you are likely to be happy about the one card exposing feature where you will be exposing just one card when you fold to a big hand or to a table where none of the players were calling you, just to prove you were not bluffing, thereby preserving your unpredictability.


All challenge and no friends can make your poker gaming dull and monotonous. As you chat with your opponent-friends in the poker table you can pass on chat messages with smiles associated with poker terms.


How do you like special complimentary Accolades for the winnings you make in the tables you play? The Accolades will stay there in your player box so that other players will come to know about the kind of winnings you have made in the past!

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