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Why should you have a poker strategy for your play?

When an experienced and advanced level player is in to playing online poker, he plays each of his action with reference to the kind of information that is available to him about the table and also about the players in the table.

He has a set of alterable regular plans to play the games, by making tweaks in approaches based on each poker situation.

This is called as a poker strategy.

Understand the Basics:

It is important for every poker player to get used to thinking and playing the game with a sound basic knowledge of the poker game with applicable changes in approaches and poker strategybased on the limits of betting and the requisites of folding their cards when there is no scope to win at all.

Certainly, it is pretty important for a poker player to delineate a workable and practical poker strategy before they begin to play any kind of poker game or any poker variant for that reason.

This is important regardless of whether the player is a pro, intermediate or novice to the game.

Importance Of Hand History Analysis:

In the current day world, online gaming favors the poker players via a massive number of poker sites to choose from and also players have the option of being able to record the history of each and every game they have participated in and played in.

This specific option has empowered the poker players with the option of analyzing the moves they make in each of their games, thereby they can refine their forth coming poker strategy based on the lessons they learn from the hand analysis.

Though this method does not help one to play a 100% error free game, with each analysis there is an option to play with a better poker strategy.

This particular feature is important to decide on how to react in action to a particular poker situation with reference to variability in situations due to table image, betting limit and player type.

This is also necessary to help the player in devising a better method to calculate the odds for the pots they are playing in and also for determining the reasonability of winning with specific odds for the hands they hold.

With frequent practice and repeated analysis players will be able to judge the efficacy and reliability of poker odds in their poker strategy.

Flexibility Of Strategy:

The strategies of poker employed by players should be planned in a way that it will help them raise, bet or fold as they are actually supposed to be doing in a specific situation; however, the plan and playing approach should also be flexible so that the player can alter their approach with mild changes in plans based on unexpected sudden poker situations in the table.


Apart from basic poker strategy for each poker variant and betting structure with a consideration of table image and player nature, it is important to learn a bit of bluffing.
Even if you are not interested in bluffing, you need to learn bluffing situations to identify if your opponent is actually bluffing to you in a specific poker strategy.

Bankroll Management:

The ultimate success of any poker strategy stays with playing poker online within your planned bankroll.

• Never play with the money that you cannot afford to loose in poker.
• Follow the rules of responsible gambling.
• Do not get over greedy and play beyond your limit.
• Have an upper and lower limit set for your winnings and looses.
• When you reach your losing threshold stop playing.
• Come back fresh when you are emotionally under control.

Remember a poker strategy that worked miracles in one table might put you deep in to gutter in some other table.

Understand the applicability of your approach and make each of your moves with an understanding of why you are doing it.

There is no one called a perfect gambler, but with experience you can optimize your winnings where you win more and you loose less, thus being a gainful poker player.

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