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Poker School

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Getting Started With Poker At Poker School

The Kings Club Poker how to play poker page is designed to help someone who is absolutely unaware of poker to get started with the basics of poker. Surprisingly, someone who is a zero in poker will be able to play poker at Kings club poker within minutes after they learn through these pages.

These pages serve as a quick start for the beginners. All the basic concepts such as:

• How to download the poker software

• How to get registered with the Kings Club Poker online poker site,

• How to deposit money

And all the other technical aspects of playing the poker game are explained in the how to pages.

• Other details like the fundamental rules and strategies of the poker game are also taught here.

• The basic techniques for playing different types of poker games are also described here.

After you read through the basics you can play a bit in the Kings Club Poker freerolls and start right away to play in real money Kings Club Poker online poker tournaments or single table games.

Technical Help For Online poker

In Kings Club Poker online poker you will be provided with two main options:

• Play Money Games: To sign up with Kings Club Poker and play poker with play money at Kings Club Poker.


• Real Money Games: Sign up with Kings Club Poker and start a Kings Club Poker account by depositing money through various methods of payment like credit cards, debits cards etc as required by the site.

The instructions about how to download the Kings Club Poker online poker software, how to install it, how to get registered with the software and how to play online by opening an account will all be explained in detail in the how to pages.

How To Get Started With Online Poker

Before you start playing the poker games you must know the basic poker terms, rules and strategies.

The Kings Club Poker info pages and their links here in detail about:

• The Deck

• Poker Hand Rankings

• Poker Tips For Playing Poker

• Play Poker

• Playing Online Poker

• Poker Strategies

• Texas Poker Strategies

• Glossary

Try to learn the basic terms and poker plays for each poker type, such as Texas Holdem Poker, Omaha hi/lo, seven card stud and more kinds that we have at the Kings Club Poker online poker room.

The support team of Kings Club Poker has written few advanced strategies for Texas Holdem Poker. The how to pages of Kings Club Poker is updated regularly with advanced information and strategies; you will be able to learn the differences in experience between playing poker in a land based casino and by playing online poker by playing a few poker games like Texas holdem at Kings Club Poker.

Online poker tournaments

If you want to participate in the tournaments in the Kings Club Poker online poker room you are supposed to register for the poker tournaments in the respective tournaments you are willing to participate for.

Please make sure that you are making note of the tournament schedule and the time zone applicable for your country so that you do not miss on the time.

Also, you need to understand the terms and conditions associated with the tournament before you pay and register.

Understand the applicable cancellation policies and other applicable norms to avoid future confusions.


Month: November 2017

Promotions and Bonuses

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You can Select your Poker Bonus….

  • Initial Deposit Poker Bonus – 100% up to $500
  • Redeposit Poker Bonus – 50% up to $200
  • FreeRoll tournaments Poker Bonus – Differs per freeroll type.
  • Refer A Friend Poker Bonus – You will be able to win thousands of dollars of Real Money if you register your friend to play with Kings Club Poker
  • Royal Flush Poker Bonus – Win bonus if you make the rare Royal Flush & win up to $1000 in the tables labeled to offer this feature.
  • W.S.O.P – Satellites Tournaments for entry in the W.S.O.P
  • WPT- Satellites Tournaments for entry in to the WPT Poker Tournaments
  • APPT – Satellites Tournaments for entering in to the APPT Poker Tournaments
  • Aussie Millions – Satellites Tournaments for entering in to the Aussie Millions Poker Tournaments

1. Initial Deposit Poker Bonus – Redeposit Poker Bonus

Play online poker at Kings Club Poker and get excellent poker bonuses, by depositing money in your online poker account.

In the “Kings Club Poker promotions” Web Page, we posted the list of the best poker bonuses made available. The list consists of poker bonuses inclusive:

• Sign up and initial deposit poker bonus

• Special poker Freeroll bonuses

• And also poker bonus for poker site promotions.

This page will guide you to decide on the best poker bonuses and promotions that you might like to work for.

By making use of our online poker bonus codes, you will be able to earn an exclusive poker bonus prize.

By signing up to Kings Club Poker you will be able to get real money poker bonuses where each poker bonuses can be cashed out. Poker bonuses published in the beginning of this page.

2. Poker Bonus to participate in Poker Freerolls

Online poker players, who have earned poker bonuses at Kings Club Poker site, are welcome to participate in fun daily Freerolls.

The Freerolls’ time are organized based on the official Kings Club Poker time and the poker satellite tournaments schedules.

3. Refer-A-Friend Poker Bonus

In addition, by referring your friends to our Kings Club Poker you will earn great bonuses which will be credited to your online poker account after required terms are fulfilled.

You and your friends will be able to receive money for the Refer A Friend process.

4. Royal Flush Bonus

Another poker bonus is Royal Flush Bonus. Just by playing online at Kings Club Poker, get Royal Flush on any ring table and win a huge poker bonus.

5. Poker Bonus to enter in to Satellites for Big Ticket Tourneys

• Kings Club Poker provides poker players worldwide, with the option to win poker bonuses and to receive an opportunity to win entry to playing in live poker tournaments like the World Series of Poker tournaments.

• There are also satellites to the APPT poker Tournaments (Asia-Pacific Poker Tournament)

• And also to the WPT satellite poker tournaments (World Poker Tournament).

• Kings Club Poker enables poker players with chance to earn any poker bonus and win ticket entry to Aussie Millions 2009 by playing in online satellite tournaments;


Month: November 2017

Poker Room

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The Online Poker Rooms of Kings Clubs Poker are designed in compliance with responsible gambling standards. We have ensured that every player playing in our poker room are going to have a gainful and rocking playing experience. In a way to achieve this, we have made the choicest selection of gaming features having researched player interests in accordance with poker room facilities.

Quick Start option

If you are a kind of player who wants a Get…Set…. Go… kind of play where you want to start right away the sooner you log in, the Quick Start option should be your choice. This feature permits you to define a set of your online favorites and you will be able to log in and play immediately when you log in.

Multiple Windows Feature

In the Online Poker Rooms of Kings Clubs Poker you have the option of being able to open multiple windows. Multiple windows permits you to play in a poker room or online poker tourney while at the same time you will be able to keep track of the happenings in the other poker rooms.
Player Tag The “Player Tag” option in Kings Clubs Poker is made in a way that you can mark particular players in the poker room as tight, passive, champion, bluffer, shark fish etcetera or you can even write your own notes about them.

Rabbit Hunt Feature

If you are curious to know what would have happened if you have continued to play the game, then you can request for the next card in the Rabbit Hunt Feature Vector Graphics Feature The graphics adaptor provided by the Vector Graphics feature makes things very comfortable for you; especially you will be presented with the option of being able to maximize, minimize and resize your poker room per your wish.

This feature also permits you to insert avatars, change the background themes, colors and various features of the poker room skin per your desire.

In short the Vector Graphics Feature makes the poker room attractive and user friendly.

One Card Exposing Feature If you are the kind of poker player who bluffs a lot you are likely to be happy about the one card exposing feature where you will be exposing just one card when you fold to a big hand or to a table where none of the players were calling you, just to prove you were not bluffing, thereby preserving your unpredictability.


All challenge and no friends can make your poker gaming dull and monotonous. As you chat with your opponent-friends in the poker table you can pass on chat messages with smiles associated with poker terms.


How do you like special complimentary Accolades for the winnings you make in the tables you play? The Accolades will stay there in your player box so that other players will come to know about the kind of winnings you have made in the past!


Month: November 2017

Poker Freerolls That can Help You With Your Luck in 2019 NY

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A number of people are flocking to play online poker.

With more and more people entering the online poker zone for the first time, it might be too costly for people if they have to pay to learn and get used to the game.

And, without experience anyone will loose in poker and therefore before they can learn any poker at all they might loose interest in the poker game and there will be no player traffic at all.

To break through this risk factor and to promote poker player online poker sites came up with the idea of poker freerolls.

Poker freerolls are the ideal tool for new players who are not experienced or aware of all poker variants at all, the poker freerolls provide the option for the player to try the game and play with all the features that are there in the live poker room, but with fake money.

They can test their ability to bet and win money by playing in freerolls.

Some of the freerolls give play money, while some give real money payout.

Therefore, with poker freerolls, players have the chance to win real money without risking their personal money at all.

Anyone who likes poker and would like to try poker can participate in the active community of freeroll tournaments.

By risking nothing you can learn the mysterious tricks of winning in poker and earn huge sums of money and also have lot of fun.

Due to the advantage of poker freerolls and the rapid pace and ease with which such games can be access, poker has gained a quick fame from around the world. How nice it is to learn and experience poker from the comfort of your own home.

You need to just register, log in, make a few downloads and start playing there.

Players are given the option of choosing those poker rooms where you are feeling comfortable to play in without loosing a lot of money by experimenting and playing in poker freerolls before you actually begin playing in the site.

Since they tournaments do not require any money as a fee to enter, they are denoted by the term ‘freeroll tournaments’ of poker.

There are many ways in which you can enter into the tournaments of poker freerolls in online and offline casinos.

Due to the decreased risk in such kinds of poker tournaments these tourneys are a bonus for the opportunity of winning more and more money. The zero risk factor helps the player to practice without the fear of failure.

Thus they are slowly prepared to face real money tournaments both big and small.

These games are mostly provided by poker sites to provide with the tournaments for rewarding new players for their skill and to encourage them to play more eventually have them register in real money games in their site.

When a player is going to practice in freerolls poker tournament regularly in a particular site, they will be getting regular invitations to participate into the tournaments of poker freeroll in that particular site.

However, in poker freerolls, the prize money is not too high therefore if you are looking to make real big money you have to slowly progress to real money games.

The more the player plays, the more opportunity they get to play in freerolls.

A player must read through the policies of that site before joining in the freeroll tournament.

In many cases, to get an offer for freerolls poker, the player will have to play 50 to 100 hands of normal poker game in the site.

Or, they are to have the privilege of being the top poker player in real money for a month or more based on site rules.

Continuous participation of a player into freeroll tournaments has them to be participating in WSOP tournaments, which is the considered to be one of the most prestigious poker tournaments.

If players are winning in these tourneys they get the tag of no-entry-fees for different tournaments, and massive incentives too via winning these tournaments.


Month: November 2017


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Why should you have a poker strategy for your play?

When an experienced and advanced level player is in to playing online poker, he plays each of his action with reference to the kind of information that is available to him about the table and also about the players in the table.

He has a set of alterable regular plans to play the games, by making tweaks in approaches based on each poker situation.

This is called as a poker strategy.

Understand the Basics:

It is important for every poker player to get used to thinking and playing the game with a sound basic knowledge of the poker game with applicable changes in approaches and poker strategybased on the limits of betting and the requisites of folding their cards when there is no scope to win at all.

Certainly, it is pretty important for a poker player to delineate a workable and practical poker strategy before they begin to play any kind of poker game or any poker variant for that reason.

This is important regardless of whether the player is a pro, intermediate or novice to the game.

Importance Of Hand History Analysis:

In the current day world, online gaming favors the poker players via a massive number of poker sites to choose from and also players have the option of being able to record the history of each and every game they have participated in and played in.

This specific option has empowered the poker players with the option of analyzing the moves they make in each of their games, thereby they can refine their forth coming poker strategy based on the lessons they learn from the hand analysis.

Though this method does not help one to play a 100% error free game, with each analysis there is an option to play with a better poker strategy.

This particular feature is important to decide on how to react in action to a particular poker situation with reference to variability in situations due to table image, betting limit and player type.

This is also necessary to help the player in devising a better method to calculate the odds for the pots they are playing in and also for determining the reasonability of winning with specific odds for the hands they hold.

With frequent practice and repeated analysis players will be able to judge the efficacy and reliability of poker odds in their poker strategy.

Flexibility Of Strategy:

The strategies of poker employed by players should be planned in a way that it will help them raise, bet or fold as they are actually supposed to be doing in a specific situation; however, the plan and playing approach should also be flexible so that the player can alter their approach with mild changes in plans based on unexpected sudden poker situations in the table.


Apart from basic poker strategy for each poker variant and betting structure with a consideration of table image and player nature, it is important to learn a bit of bluffing.
Even if you are not interested in bluffing, you need to learn bluffing situations to identify if your opponent is actually bluffing to you in a specific poker strategy.

Bankroll Management:

The ultimate success of any poker strategy stays with playing poker online within your planned bankroll.

• Never play with the money that you cannot afford to loose in poker.
• Follow the rules of responsible gambling.
• Do not get over greedy and play beyond your limit.
• Have an upper and lower limit set for your winnings and looses.
• When you reach your losing threshold stop playing.
• Come back fresh when you are emotionally under control.

Remember a poker strategy that worked miracles in one table might put you deep in to gutter in some other table.

Understand the applicability of your approach and make each of your moves with an understanding of why you are doing it.

There is no one called a perfect gambler, but with experience you can optimize your winnings where you win more and you loose less, thus being a gainful poker player.